Ansel comes to Star Wars Battlefront II

by: John -
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Are you going to pick up Star Wars Battlefront II with the recent changes to its progression system? Do you have a NVIDIA card? Do you like to take cool and awesome pics in video games? You're in luck.

Ansel, NVIDIA's really great way to take in-game pictures, is now available on the Star Wars FPS. Just hit Alt-F2 while playing and the game will freeze, letting you move the camera around to anywhere you want to go, apply filters, and take 2D or 3D pictures. It's pretty simple and you can take some amazing pictures to be used for backgrounds, videos, or whatever you feel like. If you want to see some great examples, head on over to Shot With Geforce to see some great pics.

Make no mistake about it, Star Wars Battlefront II is a gorgeous game and combined with Ansel, you can get some pretty spectacular pictures with it as evident by the screenshot below.

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