Recent updates hint that The Thrill of the Fight may soon be released

by: Dave -
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The Thrill of the Fight - VR Boxing is probably the best exercise equipment I have ever owned, despite the obvious fact that it is not actually a piece of exercise equipment. What it actually is is a VR boxing game that is so much fun that I don't even realize that I am getting a fantastic cardio workout as I am playing it.

I bought it in Early Access and have continued to follow the beta version (which is open to anyone that bought into the Early Access) to monitor the nature of the most recent updates. What I am seeing appears to be aesthetic improvements to the characters and a whole lot of gameplay tuning. The trick to a game like this is to make it not too easy, and not too hard. When you consider the vagaries of physics combined with the limitations inherent in controllers, you can imagine how hard it must be to provide a sufficient challenge to folks that are capable of boxing in real life without making it impossible to folks like me, who couldn't fight their way past a feather pillow. 

Yesterday's beta update included one new feature (a speed bag) alongside a veritable laundry list of changes to hit-strength calculations and other fight-related parameters. What looks to be the fine-tuning of these kinds of things often indicates that a game will soon emerge from Early Access.

Even if you don't think you will enjoy the fight, you ought to take a look at this one just for the cardio workouts. 

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