Papers, Please gets the short film treatment in 4K, result is stunning

by: Rob -
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Who says video games don't make good movies? Well short films anyway. Papers, Please, the 2013 indie hit that sees you running a border immigration booth between fictional Eastern European nations. The game is a constant struggle to move fast and process applicants while balancing increasingly demanding levels of investigation and is serenely set amidst the chaos of the aftermath of war. Your performance earns you a salary that is used to keep your family warm and fed, but it demands tough choices at every step. There is no thriving in Papers, Please; only surviving. It has a calmness and beauty and weight about it and I can't recommend it enough. The film captures this and then some, really adding that little extra plot and storytelling that the film medium permits. It's 10 minutes long and will likely be the best spent 10 minutes of your day on the first watch. A beautiful little film.

Papers, Please is available for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and PS Vita. The short film is on YouTube and linked below.

Glory to Arstotzka!


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