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PlayStation Chart time in here again! February download charts released.

by: Eric -
More On: Monster Hunter: World

It is time once again to take a look at the download charts for the PlayStation Store. As usual, these charts only rank the number of downloads, so a high ranking does not necessarily coincide with great earnings. Lets dig in and make some unsubstantiated assumptions!

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Monster Hunter: World takes the PS4 top spot for February. Capcom’s attempt to bring their cult series to the masses has been a resounding success, with the title already becoming their quickest selling (and best-selling) game of all time.

Interestingly, NBA Live 18: The One Edition grabs the number two spot. This is likely due to the fact that the game was on sale for a couple of weeks for the ridiculously low price of five bucks. I imagine that sales were slumping in the face of the NBA 2K juggernaut, so EA slashed the price on the base game with the intention of making up the bucks with microtransactions.  

Two new titles, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Kingdom Come: Deliverance managed to break the top ten at numbers eight and nine respectively. The number 10 spot is occupied by a party game, Gang Beasts. What is Gang Beasts, you ask?  According to the game’s website, it is multiplayer beat-‘em-up with “surly gelatinous characters, brutal mêlée fight sequences, and absurdly hazardous environments.”  So now we know.

On the PS VR side, newcomer Moss managed to break in at number 7 despite a late-month release. The usual suspects (Job Simulator and Superhot VR) top the charts.

On the PS Vita side, the new (much maligned) Secret of Mana remake has taken the top spot, followed by two Digimon: Cyber Story titles and a bunch of games that are pretty much always on the charts.

It hasn’t been a super active month for new releases, but it is always interesting to take a look at how things shake out. The entire chart is available here.

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