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Geeks Line Publishing releases PlayStation Anthology Classic Edition

by: Eric -
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Personal Disclosure: I used to be a toy store manager. I managed Kay Bee Toy Stores from early 1993 until 2000. So, I was front and center for the release of the Sony PlayStation, and I had hands-on experience with many of the game that were released during its reign. In fact, I still have a pretty decent (though eclectic) collection of games, many of them in the larger packaging Sony used before switching to jewel cases.

My nostalgia for the age of PlayStation is like a sweet, enjoyable toothache, so I was delighted to learn that Geeks Line Publishing has released the PlayStation (PS1) Anthology Book - Classic Edition. Offering a complete history of the PS1 from inception to its retirement in the early 2000s, the book includes 26 interviews, a complete list of all 4150 titles (including special editions), an overview of the controller and much more.

Most importantly, if you carefully look at the upper left corner of the image below, you will see that there is a section in the book about Point Blank 2, which is the finest light-gun game ever made. The world has moved on, but Point Blank 2 will live forever in my heart.

The PlayStation Anthology Classic Edition is available for pre-order from Funstock Retro  here.

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