Resistance DLC brings Zombies to Call of Duty: WWII

by: Rob -
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Another Call of Duty DLC another installation of Zombies mode. It's long been one of the most popular modes in the franchise, Call of Duty: WWII is getting its iteration of Zombies with The Resistance DLC. The DLC also brings three new multiplayer maps and a new War Mode mission, Operation Intercept, but it's the Zombies mode that is likely to garnish the most attention. This DLC picks up on the Nazi Zombies storyline with The Darkest Shore. Days after the disaster at Mittelburg, it moves the scene to an island just north of Germany, blanketed in fog and crawling with the undead. 
The Resistance DLC will release on January 30th for PS4, with other platforms to follow likely about 4 weeks to a month later as these timed DLCs usually do. 

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