For Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, Poundmaker Leads the Cree Nation

by: Nicholas -
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In a news release for Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, come a pleasant surprise. Poundmaker (whose Cree name is Pihtokahanapiwiyin) leads the Cree nation for the latest expansion. He came to be a great leader of the Cree Nation, a tribe of Native Americans that resided mostly in Canada. The developers once again provide a nice bit of history in on their news page. His legacy is rightly praised. A peacemaker but also no pushover, Poundmaker sought to find the best way through negotiations with both the Canadian government and other First Nations peoples in order to help the Cree survive. Whether that means learning how to farm and plough so he could teach his fellow tribesmen, or negotiating with his own warriors not to kill wagon drivers for government supply trains. 

His real-life tactics carry over into the game. His leader ability, Favorable Terms, gives shared visibility to both the Cree and their allies; this also gives Poundmaker bonus food and gold. The unique ability for the Cree is called Nihithaw. This gives them an extra trade route when beginning exploration, and they can get control of unclaimed tiles within three ajdacent tiles of a Cree city.

The Cree combat unit is the Okihtcitaw. It replaces the scout, but gains one free promotion and has more combat strength. The structure of the Cree is the Mekewap. If placed near Luxury or Bonus resources, the Cree gain benefits for Gold, Food, Resources and Production.

Civilization VI: Rise and Fall releases February 8th, 2018.