Chandragupta has got Gandhi's back in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

by: Nicholas -
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I'm not sure if that can actually happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if a historian wrote a fanfiction about it. A new leader has been announced for the Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion, this time from India. It's Chandragupta, an Indian ruler from over 2,000 years ago who overthrew a corrupt government and expanded the kingdom in geography. His dynasty lasted a century, and he abdicated the throne to his son so he could seek enlightenment. Dang, India has all the inspiration to get your butt off the couch. 

But I guess that's what video games are for. 

Anyway, the video below showcases some of Chandragupta's strengths. The main highlight is that while Gandhi is good for peace, Chandragupta's specialty is war. 

Other abilities include Darma, and building stepwells (which are important to giving food and shelter to your people), as well as other offensive units. His prime ability, however, is Arthashastra: it's a war of expansion, benefited by additional combat and movement strengths. 

Head to this link for plenty of information of great history, provided by the developers. Chandragupta and his war elephants ride into Civilization VI February 8th, 2018.