Elite Dangerous: Thargoids Attack!

by: Nicholas -
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In a trailer that is surely not as comedic as I'd like it to be (heck, I don't even play this game!) a new video from Elite Dangerous's YouTube channel teases an escalation in the galaxy-wide conflict against starships that, to me at least, look a lot like those aliens in EVE Online. Hey, it's all mashed potatoes and gravy to me, man. 

The video itself is a log of one Coordinator Hendricks of the Oracle Starport. In the background are screams and explosions, and the feed is scarred with film grain appropriate to the horror aesthetic they put on in it.

And then cue the Thargoids attacking the Starport. 

I'm not big on this game, but I assume that, like the Citadel or Star Forge in other notable sci-fi series, this is a pretty big deal. 

Get ready!