Wait a minute, what’s this now? An Uncharted card game for Vita?

by: Eric -
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Here are the facts:

  • I like to think that I follow gaming news pretty closely.
  • I love digital collectable card games.
  • I am a huge fan of the PlayStation Vita, which I feel has settled down into a nice niche, delivering indies and JRPGs at a regular clip to the Vita faithful while the rest of the world pretty much ignores us.
  • I love Uncharted.  I have played every Uncharted title, with the exclusion of the Lost Legacy and that is only because I haven’t had time to deal with it yet. 

Imagine my surprise this morning when I was trolling around the PlayStation Store for weekly deals (as one does), and I discovered that there is an Uncharted collectible card game. I was shocked to find that this game has been in existence since 2012. Uncharted: Fight for Fortune retails for $4.99, and is closely tied to Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Apparently, if you have Fight for Fortune installed, playing through Golden Abyss strengthens your cards as you discover treasures and earn trophies. How on earth have I never heard of this?

But wait, there’s more! There are two expansion packs, giving additional cards and items themed around Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception. Each expansion pack retails for $2.99.

I’m not going to fool myself into thinking that anyone on the planet is still playing this game online, but I am still going to purchase it and give it a shot. Even if it just keeps me busy on my lunch break, five bucks to try it out sounds pretty reasonable. And buying Fight for Fortune will give me a reason to cruise back through Golden Abyss. Today is the best day ever.

Uncharted: Fight for Fortune can be found here.


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