Free PVP expansion pack comes to PS VR’s Farpoint

by: Eric -
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Sony has been dropping all sorts of goodies into the PlayStation Store for PS VR fans lately. Today, Impulse Gear is releasing a free expansion pack for their premier PS VR first person shooter Farpoint.

Three new PVP maps are included with the release (Underworld, Pipeline, and Permafrost), each of which has a three areas to play in, effectively giving players 9 new maps. Two new modes will be available, Deathmatch and Uplink.  Uplink sounds pretty much like a Capture the Flag mode, with players capturing and holding communication relays to secure areas of the map. Deathmatch is, you know, deathmatch.

Also included in this release:

  • Player XP progression with unlockable skins
  • Weapon XP progression with 15 new weapons to unlock
  • Chaos difficulty co-op games are now significantly more chaotic
  • Easy crouch while sitting using the crouch button toggle
  • New turning comfort settings
  • New Trophies

The base game is currently selling on Amazon for $49.99, though I’ve often seen it on sale for less at brick and mortar stores. What I haven’t seen too often is the Farpoint / Aim Controller bundle, and Amazon has that in stock right now for $87.95.  That’s a bit above suggested retail, but this thing is so rare that you might want to snatch it up if you are interested.


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