Happy holidays! Here's some free stuff from Ubisoft!

by: Eric -
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Of all the giant, monolithic gaming companies that lord over our lives, I think that Ubisoft is my favorite. They just seem kinda cool.

To celebrate the holiday season, Ubisoft is giving away a couple of free games on PC as part of its Happy Playdays event. From today until Dec. 11th, everyone in the world can download the 2007 RTS game World in Conflict. Then from Dec. 11th – Dec. 18th we can all put on our pirate hats, because Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag will be free to download.

 World in Conflict will include the Soviet Assault DLC. It looks like Black Flag will only include the base game, but hey, its free!

Details on how to download can be found here. Randy's 2007 review of World in Conflict can be found here (he liked it). And our original review of Black Flag can be found here.  Happy holidays, and three cheers for free stuff!