Star Wars Battlefront II's first DLC season starts December 5

by: Kinsey -
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Let's ignore the issues with Star Wars Battlefront II's progression system for a moment. It's time to talk about the game's new DLC season: The Last Jedi.

Players will get to choose their faction—light or dark—and it doesn't seem to be an arbitrary choice. Whether you align yourself with the First Order or the resistance, for a few weeks you'll be able to complete challenges to earn points and rewards for your faction.

The new single-player chapter is also on the horizon; Resurrection will allow players to control Commander Iden Versio during the First Order's early days. At the same time, we can expect new multiplayer content including the Starfighter Assault map D'Qar and the Galactic Assault map Crait, along with new and modified hero ships. On top of that, we're getting Finn and Captain Phasma as playable characters for their respective factions.

All of the game's DLC content will be free, including this one. Starting on December 5, players can choose a faction. Everything else comes on December 13—Resurrection, multiplayer, and all. The full game launches for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on November 17.

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