Ace Combat 7 to add VR, but only for thee, not me

by: Dave -
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Virtual Reality for thee, but not for me.

If there is anything more frustrating than getting shot down in the very first few seconds an an aerial melee, as is my wont, it's VR-exclusive arrangements. For an emerging, and potentially struggling, technology, the VR market sure does seem to excel at limiting audiences. 

Yes, Ace Combat 7 will offer VR, which would normally thrill me, but the VR version will be exclusive to PlayStation VR. Shot down again, if only metaphorically in this case. That having been said, there will also be Xbox One and PC versions, but once you have experienced combat flight sims (for sake of argument, I am including arcade-ish games as 'sims') in virtual reality, you can never go back.

For those of you that do have PSVR, you really need to check out the trailer; it's looks like a great deal of fun!

The PS4, Xbox, and PC versions are slated to appear in early 2018.