Dyah Gitarja will lead Indonesia in Civilization VI

by: Russell -
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2K and Firaxis games has recently announced that Dyah Gitarja will lead Indonesia in Sid Meier's Civilization VI. Once a princess locked in a tower, Gitarja is now the warrior-queen regent of a 14th Century spice empire, the kingdom of Majapahit in modern day Indonesia. Majapahit's unique unit is the jong, the schooner of the Majapahit fleet. Primarily a merchant ship and military transport, jongs can withstand incoming cannon fire and with the addition of a second rudder, a 600-ton jong is fast and yet easy to control.

Her unique improvement is kampung, or houses on stilts. These allowed local rulers to house people while also keeping them safe from floods and wildfire. The civilization's unique ability is "Great Nusantara" which allows the Indonesian coastal tiles to provide adjacency bonuses for certain districts. Complexes give an extra amenity if they are adjacent to a non-lake coastal tile.  Finally is Gitarja's unique ability: Exalted Goddess of the Three Worlds. This ability grants bonus Faith to coastal cities and allows Gitarja to purchase Naval unites with Faith at a discount and eliminates movement cost for Religious units to embark and disembark.

Anyone who purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition of Civilization VI will receive Gitarja, as well as the DLC pack, automatically when it goes live.