Battle other cities via PVP in SimCity Buildit's latest update

by: Russell -
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SimCity is all about building your own city, then maintaining that city through the years and all of the disasters that come with them. Most of the time the disasters are natural disasters...but what if you could cause those disasters yourself and have them target other cities? That's essentially what you can do in the latest update for SimCity Buildit.

In SimCity Buildit's Club Wars update, you can attack other cities in real time via PVP. Players who are at least level 18 or higher and part of a Mayor's Club can actually declare war on other cities and unleash various disasters on their opponents such as the Disco Twister or Fishaster. Cities will repair themselves after the battle and the cities that win will reap increased benefits of war, earn SimCash and other valuables to improve their city, or disaster cards which can be upgraded for more powerful attacks. If you've ever wanted to just completely wreck someone's city, now's your chance.

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