"Meet the Allies" in two new videos for Call of Duty: WWII

by: Nicholas -
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Call of Duty's YouTube channel released two new videos highlighting two allied characters of the campaign's story. These are a British man named Arthur Crowley and a Frenchwoman named Rousseau. 

Both videos showcase aspects of the game's story that directly tie in to each of the two characters. Crowley's is a mission to blow up a German supply train and then, presumably later in the game, infiltrate a German Garrison with Rousseau disguised as Nazi Officers. Rousseau gets a bit of character motivation and we get to see a bit more of the infiltration mission hinted at in Crowley's video. 

I'm glad that we get to see a little more of the game's story in action, but given the story trailer that just dropped yesterday that showed something along the lines of the movie Fury or any entry from the Brothers in Arms series, it seems a little out of place that we're also getting what looks like the finale of Inglourious Basterds in a video game. We won't know for sure how the game will truly turn out until it releases on 3 November, and it's just one mission, but wow, Call of Duty: WWII looks to be going places. 

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