Online features and post release content for Absolver announced

by: Patrick -
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Sloclap and Devolver Digital have released more details on their upcoming martial arts combat game Absolver. The developers have announced that there will be new gameplay modes, new features, and new moves added over the next six months after the game arrives August 29th.
Among the updates announced are a 3 versus 3 mode, ranked matches, and a spectator mode. These will be some of the new features added to the game, with more to come. There will be PvP and cooperative PvE combat, where you can learn new moves from opponents and allies alike.
Absolver's online format involves you traveling the plains of Adal (the world of Absolver) encountering both AI-controlled opponents and live players. It'll function much like Journey, in that folks will filter in and out of your own personal server of sorts, as you gain skills and grow in rank and experience.
The game will also feature a "fighting school mechanic" where "more advanced players can create their own school of combat that other players may join." The founder of the school then becomes a mentor to these students, meaning the students can use some of the mentor's abilities from their master's Combat Deck, even if the player hasn't learned it yet, learning from the mentor.

Absolver will arrive on PC (on Steam) and PlayStation 4 on August 29. For more information on Absolver visit absolvergame.com and follow @Absolver on Twitter. Check out the video attached here as well for the full scope of what this game will offer.