DCS adds new things to blow up in Normandy

by: Dave -
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DCS World has always been my favorite sim for flying around wreaking destruction on ground-based objects (having failed epically at shooting other airplanes that weren't my own wingmen), but the fast pace of the jet era has made that mighty difficult. Sure, DCS offers a number of piston fighters, but they never stood a chance against modern anti-aircraft weaponry.

To address that, DCS recently released a map of the Normandy area, best known as the location of the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944. In what is probably a sound business decision, they separated the map from the contemporaneous weaponry (aka "targets") by simultaneously releasing an asset pack. They continue to add new things to obliterate. The most recent additions are mostly ground-based, but there is also a new boat. This is quite important considering the proximity of Normandy to the English Channel. The boat they provide as an example is the E-boat Schnellboot type S-130.

The Schnellboot (literally "fast boat") was purpose designed to cause havoc in the Channel. When you consider the sedate pace of normal warships, and especially landing boats, a fast and very well weaponed fleet of these fast boats could conceivably have changed the course of history.

The Normandy Asset Pack is available in the DCS Store for $29.99, or can be purchased as a bundle with the Normandy Map for $59.99. 

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