The Frozen North expansion available free for Conan Exiles on release day

by: Kinsey -
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August 16 is looking like a big day for Conan Exiles. Not only does the game go live on Xbox One for the first time ever, but Funcom is also planning to release its first expansion update for both PC and Xbox One platforms. The update, The Frozen North, is completely free for all players regardless of platform, and adds some pretty cool stuff previously unavailable in the game.

The reveal video below says it better than I ever could (with way better visuals than my art-deficient self could ever produce) but here's a quick synopsis. The update adds a whole new landmass that makes the world of Conan Exiles a whopping 70% bigger. With the added area comes a new climate and weather system, new gameplay mechanics, a new crafting system, and even a new religion.

Check out the video below, and be sure to explore all the new additions on August 16.

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