New hero and 20 orbs available for Fire Emblem Heroes

by: Rob -
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I always like to have a go-to mobile game for the mornings before I get out of bed and when I am otherwise, ahem, disposed. My go-to game at the moment is Nintendo's iOS offer of Fire emblem Heroes. Well, at the conclusion of last week's Voting Guantlet (all hail Sharja), there is now a special log in bonus of 20 orbs. Orbs are used as in-game currency to purchase new RNG'ed heroes and 20 orbs equals a full stack of 5 new ones, just for logging in. In addition there are 5 Great Badges of every color (used to level up heroes) to claim. 

There's also a new special map rewarding Lloyd, the White Wolf, as he makes his debut in the game. The Lloyd map will run through the week. So lots on offer and now's a good time to get in on the action. I've got a pic of Llloyd below and while I'm pretty sure this White Wolf isn't a match for the other notable one in the gaming-verse; to be fair, who really is Geralt's equal? You can pick up Fire Emblem Heroes for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for Android

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