New boss in Conan Exiles looks like a leech that swallowed a whole cow

by: Randy -
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New dungeon, new armor, new weapons. Update #24 for open world survival MMO Conan Exiles is out in the wild. In the video you can watch a trio of would-be heroes running up the steps of an ancient construct, a slowly spinning wheel revealing a downward spiral staircase already littered with dead bodies, and a new dungeon, The Dregs, opening up like a dank underground arena. Massive garage-door-sized gates lift open to reveal piles of bones leaning against the walls and environmental puzzles steeped in watery chambers. There's also some sick new reptilian armor, weapons, and equipment, just so you show that albino sewer croc what you're capable of (crocodiles need subtle reminders of your combat prowess, and nothing says just that like wearing croc jr.'s uncle around your shoulders). The magical femur torch is a cool-looking addition, too. It doesn't get snuffed out in water like regular torches do. Adds just the right amount of unnatural light and "dog chew toy" to your whole aesthetic. And get ready for the new boss battle down there. It looks like a puke-spewing boa constrictor that swallowed an entire cow just before you walked in the door.

The dungeon is for mid-level characters—anywhere in the level 10 to 20 range—but with all these new recipes to craft, it's worth a visit for any higher level characters, too. More details in the developer diary.

Conan Exiles launched into Steam Early Access on January 30. I felt like I sunk my teeth in only just so far, though I enjoyed what I'd gnawed on. I look forward to getting in there some more, some day.


Players can now enjoy an all new dungeon in our open-world survival early access game, Conan Exiles. The dungeon is called The Dregs, and in it you can explore the dark sewers which spread beneath the ruins of an ancient city filled with corrupting magic.

You must perform a grizzly ritual before you can open the secret entrance to the dungeon and descend into the murky depths below. The Dregs offer a brutal challenge with new monsters to fight and puzzles to overcome. The final boss of the dungeon is the Abysmal Remnant, the result of an experiment with dark sorcery which went horribly wrong. Players can get their hands on new armor, weapons, gear and new crafting recipes by defeating the dungeon boss.

This dungeon is the third content update for Conan Exiles in the last three weeks. Two weeks ago, we introduced the dyeing system, where players can color their clothes and armor, plus many new weapons and a set of armor. Last week players could get their hands on the all new trebuchet war machine, which can fire huge boulders and even demon-fire barrages at enemy cities.

Conan Exiles was released into Early Access on January 31, 2017, and Funcom reported that the game sold half a million units in about a month. The developers continue to update the game constantly with both fixes, improvements, new content, and new features. For more information, visit