The FIFA 17 Ratings Refresh is complete

by: Rob -
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For the past week, EA have slowly been rolling out updated Ultimate Team cards through the various major leagues in FIFA 17. Well today, the "Rest of the World" followed on the heels of the English, Italian, French, Spanish, and German leagues to complete the Ratings Refresh. Now that that the dust has settled, I can finally open the 11 unopened packs I've been hoarding away the last week. 

Players have seen their stock rise and fall, and details are available on the Ratings page at the official site. Typically the top end of the scale, those rated 80 and above would only saw a point or two swing on their overall, but there are quite a few silver and even bronze players with more significant gains (and losses), some even bumping a tier. There's some other caveats to the refresh, existing standard cards already in your squad or on the transfer market will not see  change, unless it's a special, in-form card for the player, in which case it will be bumped accordingly with the new overall. We wouldn't want an uber-valuable in-form to have worse stats than a standard card so that makes sense.