Redeemer baptizes bad guys in a bloodbath

by: Randy -
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Sometimes all it takes is a little lite irony to make a thing interesting. Or to at least make you look at a thing from a new perspective. That's why Redeemer catches my eye. First off, you've got a monk. But he's a monk that's built like God of War. When he narrates his problems, he sounds real mean, too. And once you get to the part where he's pumping a shotgun and spreading people's innards around the room, then you know you're not dealing with your average everyday monk. You know, the average everyday monks we all interact with on a daily basis.

Sure, this game hasn't invented the concept of a fighting monk. But I'm not sure I've seen one this bloody in awhile.

Life comes at you fast. Unless you manage to go into hiding, like this guy has. Running from his past, but never able to get his past out of his head. It seems like his old runnin' and gunnin' days are too post-traumatically embedded into his broken, violent psyche. And then, one day, his old mercenary buddies show up at the temple. It sounds like they're there to collect on some kind of debt. And that's when it's No More Mr. Nice Monk time.

Redeemer then redeems himself in a bloodbath of punching, hammering, neck snapping, and gun blasting. This isn't a long trailer—it even takes a minute to get past his inner monologue—but it's unexpectedly relentless once the bashing begins. And if you click on the images below the trailer, you'll notice that the guy is wearing Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I've always knows those Converse high tops to be uniform issue for guitarists. Redeemer might be using them here to attest to the merc-monk's ex-rock n' roll lifestyle, or maybe monks have shifted from wearing sandals to wearing Chucks. Who knows? Like I hinted, it's not like I get to interact with monks on an everyday basis.

Redeemer's top-down beat 'em up action is coming to Steam in Spring 2017.

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