Get retro in MLB The Show 17

by: John -
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One of the more intriguing features mentioned when the first word of MLB The Show 17 came about was Retro Mode. What is Retro Mode? It's taking the game and "dumbing" it down to how baseball games used to be in the early days of console gaming.

You'll only need the X button to play the mode. There's no judging how high or low the ball is. It's just left and right so more of a 2D type of batting. There are some ways you can manipulate the pitch to do things like curves and changeups, but all in all, it's a very simple but fun way to play baseball.

The graphics are a little more blocky and the camera angle makes it conducive to both pitching and hitting. Even the sound is reminiscent of the old 16-bit baseball games.

MLB The Show 17 looks like it'll continue the tradition of improving upon the previous year's game by adding new features and updating the game mechanics. Look for the game to be out on the PlayStation 4 on March 28th.