Your new favorite space western, Diluvion, actually takes place underwater

by: Randy -
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Okay, so, Diluvion looks rad. It's submarine combat with a folksy Firefly vibe. There are nine vessels to choose from and upgrade with weapons and crew members. You mix in FTL-like crew management with real-time combat against hostile ships and underwater monsters. You'll also have to manage food and oxygen, both of which are great when humanity has been trapped underwater beneath an impenetrable sheet of ice. I love how it looks like everything takes place in a murky, bubbly, underwater outerspace (if I may).

Incidentally, the term "deluvian" refers to the biblical Flood. You know, Noah, the Ark, rain for 40 days and 40 nights, etc.? Diluvion obviously plays on that term. Regardless, Diluvion looks great.

Diluvion launches on February 2 for PC.

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