Tales of Berseria demo on PS4 and PC right now

by: Randy -
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I keep waiting for that one Japanese role-playing game that'll come along and make me a believer. Tales of Berseria, the latest in the Tales of series, is making a pitch for my attention by putting out a playable demo today, some two weeks before its PlayStation 4 and PC launch. All I know is, the Hot Topic-looking protagonist, Velvet Crowe, wears a ton of belt straps and has a wicked left hand. Interestingly, it looks like the game is 1-4 players.

Tales of Berseria demo is available now on PS4 and PC. The game launches January 24 on PS3 (!) and PS4, and January 26 on PC.


An exciting new demo for TALES OF BERSERIA is available today to download for both the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM™ from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. The demo gives players a sneak peek at the explosive drama and action waiting for them in the latest entry in the long-running TALES OF series. TALES OF BERSERIA will be available for purchase on the PlayStation 4 system on January 24, 2017 and STEAM on January 26, 2017 across the Americas.

In TALES OF BERSERIA, players embark on a journey of self-discovery as they assume the role off Velvet Crowe, whose once kind demeanor has been replaced and overcome with a festering anger and hatred after a traumatic experience three years prior to the events within the game. Velvet will join a crew of pirates as they sail across the sea and visit the many islands that make up the sacred kingdom of Midgand in an all-new adventure developed by the celebrated team behind the TALES OF series.

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