City building in Conan Exiles

by: Rob -
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Conan Exiles is an upcoming open world survival game in development from Norwegian studio Funcom. It can be played alone or as a multiplayer game on public or private servers and while we had the first gameplay trailer up a few months ago, here we get our first look into some detail about the game with a video about city building. Building is extremely free form and rather impressive. You'll need a settlement not just to show off and store loot but also to defend and the way the game incorporates the natural geography as dwellings scale up cliff sides is exciting. 

Conan Exiles will hit Early Access through Steam for the PC at the end of the month, January 31st. There will also be an opportunity to play through the Xbox One Game Preview Program sometime in the Spring of 2017. More information can be found at the official website.

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