One week until the remastered Skyrim (with mods!) comes to consoles

by: Randy -
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One week to go before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition. Incidentally, that puts us in the window of its fifth anniversary, too. Oblivion was just okay, Morrowind secured a spot in my Top 10 For Life, but I can't imagine a gaming landscape today without Skyrim.

I can't wait to head into Skyrim – Special Edition with its thicker, warmer sunlight, its dynamic depth of field, its enhanced reflective surfaces, and just its overall remastered-ness. Not sure what race and class I'll run with on this playthrough. Maybe I'll make that (inadvisable) Orsimer mage do better things this time. An Argonian warrior, perhaps? Why not a Nord thief? I like playing Elder Scrolls on hard mode, apparently.

Get to the 0:30 mark in this video to start seeing new gameplay footage that hasn't been rehashed since the first gameplay trailer.

Skyrim – Special Edition brings its remastered fus-ro-dah to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Friday, October 28.

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