See what a game of Civilization VI looks like, beginning to end, in about 12 minutes

by: Randy -
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Here's a perfectly paced, calmly narrated walkthrough of the upcoming Civilization VI. And by "walkthrough," it doesn't teach you how to play the game, but simply shows you what it's like to play the game. From those always wonderful opening moves that involve pure exploration and the placement of your first capital city, to the inevitable modern warfare beatdown in the late game.

There are blacked-out areas of the map that replace the old (literal) fog of war for unexplored aeras. And a sepia-toned Tolkien-esque hand drawn map replaces the line of sight you have on already explored areas that fall outside of your units' and cities' field of view. I love the look and function.

Also, the map gets insanely busy-looking, especially in the late game. Everything is very clearly drawn, and important buildings are easy to pick out of the crowd, but yes, the map gets crowded. "Now, more than ever," the video says, "our world shrinks."

Otherwise, beyond this unstacking of cities, most everything looks familiar, and I'm pretty much okay with that.

Civilization VI continues revising history on PC this October 21.