E3 2016: Superhot gets even hotter with Superhot VR

by: Jeremy -
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If there was ever a game tailor-made for VR integration, I would have to say it is the time-manipulating shooter Superhot. The game is already insane as you move through the worlds with time moving at a pace that you decide, but now it appears you are going to be doing it in from a much more realistic perspective (visually) as the VR version of the game has been unveiled.

Superhot VR has been announced as one of the games that will premiere alongside the Oculus Touch controller(s) later this year. The game and these new controllers, will give Oculus Rift users a way of interacting with their game worlds that is above and beyond anything that a keyboard and mouse can provide. A lot of people have praised the controllers that are used with HTC’s Vive, and now the Oculus is taking a step to matching that experience, and it happens to be bringing Superhot with it.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for the VR version of the game below and prepare for the long wait until it launches and is in our hands: