E3 2016: New Spirit of Justice gameplay and story details

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom is showing off the next entry in the Phoenix Wright franchise out at E3 this week. They have brought an all new playable demo of Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice to the show and are sharing some new details regarding the storyline for the latest entry.

The demo that you can try at the show introduces Ahibi Ur’gaid, a monk-in-training and tour guide who has been accused of stealing the Kingdom of Khura’in’s national treasure, “The Founder’s Orb”. There also happens to the issue of a dead security guard involved, so it is a bit of a sticky situation. Always willing to take the case, Phoenix Wright steps in but there is one catch: under the kingdom’s legal system, if the defendant is found guilty, so is their attorney.

That isn’t the only thing different about the court system in the Kingdom of Khura; their trials also happen to have a supernatural element to them as they are all conducted as seance trials. A Royal Priestess is on hand who happens to be able to tap into and see the victim’s final memories. The big question is whether or not Ahibi’s story matches up with what the Priestess sees in her visions.

Capcom will be showing off this part of the new game on their official Twitch stream from the show. You can try it out yourself when the game launches digitally for the Nintendo 3DS this September.