E3 2016: Microsoft confirms the development of Project Scorpio

by: Aidan -
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Today at Microsofts press conference they confirmed the existence of Project Scorpio, a new console they have been developing and no its not the Xbox One S, its a totally new system. Set for launch in 2017, its capable of full 4K resolution and VR gaming. Microsoft claim its able to support full 4K resolution, and not just upscaled 2160p. It comes equipped with an 8 core CPU, 320GB bandwith and a 6 teraflop GPU. This console will be a beast.



Bethesda announced Fallout 4 for VR at this years E3, and with their own Todd Howard in the video clip perhaps we can expect it to come out for the Scorpio. Whats more, if Todd Howard is endorsing the console he must believe in the consoles capability to run native 4K in VR, which can be pretty stressful on machines. Also Project Scorpio will be backward compatible with games and peripherals from the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Why not take the time to order a custom designed controller from Microsofts Design Lab?