E3 2016: Prepare for Titanfall- Titanfall 2 single player trailer released

by: Chuck -
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The original Titanfall game had it's strong points but the single player campaign wasn't one of them.  Respawn had a cursory campaign that was more about preparing you for the multiplayer portion of the game than it was introducing you to the world and giving you something meaty to enjoy.

With Titanfall 2 they seem to be addressing that issue as they have released a trailer for the single player portion of the game.  From the trailer it looks like the titans are actually bonded the pilots moreso than the first game lead us to believe.   The trailer also introduces us to some new tricks and weapons for the the titans to use in combat and I'm digging the last shot of the game where the titan and pilot do the old fastball special.  Matt is going to be checking out the game today so check back later this week for his hands on impression of the game.