E3 2016: E3 Week is here, check out our handy guide to see the major events

by: Dan -
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Every June, the gaming industry has one if its biggest weeks with the annual E3 event hosted in Los Angeles. This year though, the actual E3 show floor feels a bit watered down, as many of the top names (EA, Activision, Disney & Wargaming.net) have pulled out and decided to host their own event in LA (or not show p at all), but not in official capacity. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of major conferences, press evens and booths to go around, so take a look at this brief calendar below of what days and when you can find tune in to see what the future holds:

All events will be at Pacific Standard Time and can be streamed directly from the E3 website or multiple other options including the embedded livestream below.

Sunday June 12th
Electronic Arts (1pm PST)
EA Play 2016

Bethesda (7PM PST)
Bethesda Twitch (Starting at 6:15pm PST)

Monday June 13th
Microsoft (9:30AM PST)
Tune in


Ubisoft (1PM PST)
Tune in


Sony PlayStation (6PM PST)
Tune In


Tuesday June 14th
Nintendo (9AM PST)
TreeHouse live