Doom's Snapmap feature has ridiculous potential

by: Nathan -
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The one thing that excited me the most about the initial Doom reveal last year was when they revealed Snapmap. At first I thought it was just going to be a mode where players in the community could create their own maps and share them online with others. Obviously, you can do just that in this game but after watching Bethesda's one hour stream of Snapmap, it's clear that this is more than just a map maker. 

Want a certain piece of music to start once a monster appears? You can do that. 

Want to set it so doors only open after a certain monster dies? You can do that. 

Want to create your own game modes? A parkour arena? A music maker? A memory game? You can do that and so much more. You could even create your own campaigns as there are options to add text and voice samples into levels as well. 

My hype for Doom is through the roof at this point and I cannot wait to get my hands on it and start seeing the what seems like infinite posibilities for Snapmap and the infinite replayablility that comes with it. The best part is that Snapmap will be a cross platform feature so any maps that are created on the PC, Xbox One or PS4 will be playable by anyone, regardless of what system you own. 

Doom unleashes hell next Friday, May 13th