Doom's multiplayer modes look like straightforward, bloody good fun

by: Sean Colleli -
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Doom's May 13th release is just under two months away and after shedding some light on the campaign now Id is focusing on the multiplayer. The latest trailer details Doom's six multiplayer modes. Some are basic fare like team deatchmatch and soul harvest (where you collect enemy players' souls to build your frag count) but others are more creative.

Freeze tag makes enemies a block of ice when you shoot them, leaving them vulnerable for ventilating. The catch is that your shots will thaw out your teammates, so I imagine large room firefights will degenerate into players desperately switching between shooting at their friends and the other team. Warpath looks like basic king of the hill, except the hill moves--you need to stay in the glowing spotlight while defending it from all angles.

So far Doom's multiplayer looks like basic old fashioned fun, with a few surprises thrown in. I can already tell it will be a nice straightforward alternative to the muddled nuke and care package nonsense that Call of Duty has turned into. 

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