Watch XCOM 2 devs eat spoonfuls of their own legendary difficulty

by: Randy -
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XCOM 2 ain't nothin' nice. Travis Huinker gave it an 8 out of 10, recognizing that it's a fine piece of software, but it's a fine piece of software that will take your lunch, eat it, and smash your face into a locker in front of your cute little girlfriend. 

A little handholding might help. A little walkthrough could do the trick. But step by step instructions seem overkill, especially if you want to feel like you earned that victory. So, sometimes you just need to watch someone else do it, just so you know it can be done. That's what XCOM 2's devs are here to prove. Here's an hour's worth of Legendary gameplay. There's zero margin for error in Legendary, they'll tell you right now. 

If you've already bounced off XCOM 2 because of the nasty difficulty setting—even on normal—then I'd encourage you to watch this. Lots of nuggets here, straight from the developers, that are worth picking up. You can also listen to the devs give all their characters accents, then regret that they're maybe being offensive, then doubling down on the accents anyway. Sounds like they're having a good time. It's also great to see a developer's own creation make them nervous.

XCOM 2 launched February 2 and is still a PC exclusive with no word on it ever coming to consoles. I'm still sad about that.