What we're playing this weekend: The New Darkest Order edition

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Valve hands out a SteamVR Performance Test to check whether your PC is ready for the virtual future. Neither Konami nor Kojima accepted Metal Gear Solid V's DICE award. And MMA fighter Ronda Rousey wants to be Samus in a Metroid movie someday.

What are you playing this weekend?

Sean Colleli, Staff Writer, @scolleli
I'm deep into my review of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. I'm already 12 hours in and the time just seems to melt away when I'm in that game. It's also pretty scary that it's been a whole decade since the game first launched. I know Twilight Princess catches a lot of flack for whatever reason, but it remains my favorite Zelda game and, so far, the HD port feels like the definitive version.

Chapel Collins, Staff Writer, @ChapelCollins
Still trying to fill the hole left by my completion of Metal Gear Solid V, I have decided to go back into Wolfenstein: The New Order and finish up those collectible achievements. Wolfenstein was one of the biggest surprises I have had in a long while; it's rare that a game so perfectly balances a legitimately good story on a linear FPS gameplay platform, not to mention the surprisingly fresh absence of multiplayer.

Jeremy Duff, Senior Staff Writer, @Duff3c
My "official" plate of gaming is clean at the moment, which means that what I play will be for fun. I am trying to decide which I should dive into this weekend between Metal Gear Solid V and Grand Theft Auto V. Both are games that everyone has told me that I needed to play—but I have let them sit on my shelf to gather dust. One of them will get to shake off that dust this weekend, and that decision might just come down to a flip of the coin.

Randy Kalista, Staff Writer, @randykalista
Darkest Dungeon, finally. I need to flog myself before winter ends—it's just kind of something I do, gaming-wise, this time of year. So, I hope the Gaming Nexus staff won't mind a little self-flagellation (that always sounds more lewd than crazy). I'll name my dungeoneers after them, pound my frustrated head against the wall, and hit up brothels for some R&R. Reminds me of my Navy days. When the wife hogs the PC, I'll slip back into Fallout 4, pick a side in the faction war, build up a settlement or two, and find my kid, I guess. This takes awhile without fast travel, another self-imposed restriction of mine, but it'll still be cool to go full-on survival mode when Bethesda drops that update.

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