Minecraft could be Wii U-bound after all

by: Jeremy -
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Despite the fact that the system seems like a perfect fit for the game, the Wii U has yet to receive a port of the wildly popular Minecraft. Even a 3DS port of the game would be amazing given the touch screen capabilities of the system. If a recent posting by the European PEGI ratings board are an indication of things to come, then the absence of Minecraft on Nintendo consoles could be coming to an end very shortly.

The PEGI rating board recently added a listing for a Wii U version of Minecraft. What’s even more interesting about the listing is that it has a release date of this week, today to be exact. Could this be one of the “available now” announcements happening during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation? I hope so as this would be a perfect fit with the Wii U touch controller and the established Wii U user base.