More details announced for the upcoming Nintendo World Championships 2015

by: Russell -
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Nintendo released a video today announcing a few more details about the upcoming Nintendo World Championships.  Eight Best Buys across the country recently held regional qualifiers to determine eight of the sixteen spots while the other eight spots will be filled by gamers invited by Nintendo.  The invited contestants will be:

  • Sinister1 (Speedrunner)
  • Cosmo (Speedrunner)
  • TheMexicanRunner (NES Completionist)
  • Bananas (Speedrunner)
  • Essentia (Speedrunner)
  • Trihex (Speedrunner)
  • Jovenshire (Smosh Games)
  • Arin (a.k.a. Egoraptor) (Game Grumps)

It's also been announced that there will be eight games in the competition that will range from classic to modern and that Splatoon will make its first appearance in a tournament setting.  Check out the video below for a bit more info.