Welcome back, Commander—XCOM 2 coming this November

by: Randy -
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Firaxis just announced your 2015 Strategy Game of the Year, folks: XCOM 2. [Galactic Civilizations III and Cities: Skylines both say hi. - ed.] Get ready to name your soldiers after people you know and love and/or hate in real life, then watch alien life forms tear them to shreds on the battlefield. Stare in disbelief as Bob from Accounting becomes your #1 crackshot sniper, and watch Karen in HR transform into the best heavy-class soldier you've ever fielded. Whoops: Sorry, Randy in Supply; you got flanked by a cobra (?!) in SWAT gear (?!). You were always a jerk anyway.

If this trailer is any indication, get ready for some civilian casualties in your scenarios, too. Looks like XCOM is taking on the bad guys under the neon glow of the distant future, and the XCOM headquarters is turning into a mobile command.

XCOM 2 will be PC exclusive. Us console owners will hang our heads in dispair. (Until the hopefully inevitable announcement that it'll eventually come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.)