What We're Playing: Game of Darkest Dungeon Edition

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Samsung warns people not to discuss private information in front of smart TVs. BioWare Austin stops production on its 4v1 action RPG, Shadow Realms. And purchasing each individual piece of DLC for Evolve comes out to something like $5 million.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey, staff writer, @NeoScyther
With my Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke Challenge a success (minus a few late in-game panic attacks as plans went awry), I'll be spending a lot of my weekend playing Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. While I do enjoy the movies—well, the original trilogy and III, anyway—I've never finished a Star Wars game outside of Shadows of the Empire. Yeah, I've never finished KOTOR, blasphemous I know.

Chapel Collins, staff writer, @ChapelCollins
I've finally started playing Telltale's Game of Thrones, so I'll probably finish episode 1 this weekend and maybe start episode 2. I realized I'd been sort of accumulating games without playing them, and I have several that I need to start playing.

Jeremy Duff, senior staff writer, @Duff3c
This weekend will be about hunting or being the hunted as I continue to level up in Evolve. I have to admit, I really like the final version of the game a lot more than the beta tests I experienced. It just feels better. Outside of that, it will be more Hyrule Warriors, because now that I can play as Ganondorf, I must slay as many Gorons as I can.

Charles Husemann, editor-in-chief, @chusemann
My plans this weekend are to play a lot of Home Furniture Construction Simulator. This is a two-person co-op game where you and a friend put together furniture that you ordered online. As you put together furniture, your stress levels increase until you either finish putting everything together or one of you goes insane. Outside of home decorating, I'm going to be playing the odd game of Darkest Dungeon. I've finally completed a few quests and leveled up my party a bit, which means it's time to start hitting some of the darker dungeons in the game.

Randy Kalista, staff writer, @RandyKalista
It may be some weeks before our readers see the results, but the Gaming Nexus Game Club is in full swing, cherry picking classics we missed—or simply want to replay—from over the years. First up is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I'm having a blast hearing voice actors from recent BioWare games that were used as far back as KOTOR, like Mass Effect's Kaidan Alenko as KOTOR's Carth Onasi, or even FemShep playing KOTOR's cover girl, Bastila Shan. Spoiler: The game holds up nicely, even 12 years on.

Michael Passalacqua, staff writer, mpassalacqua@gamingnexus.com
I'll be spending my weekend with some more Knights of the Old Republic. For a game that came out in 2003, I'm surprised at how good the game is. The writing is awesome, the quests are engaging, and the characters are intriguing. I'm looking forward to logging in a few more hours.

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