Rebel Galaxy coming to Xbox One

by: Nathaniel -
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Space combat games are criminally underserved on consoles.  I get that maybe they don't sell as well as whatever multiplayer game Activision has decided will give them a license to print money this fiscal quarter; however, since dropping several hundred to a thousand dollars on a proper gaming PC to play one or two extra games a year that don't come out on consoles is stupid, games like Rebel Galaxy give me hope for the future.

Rebel Galaxy by Double Damage is a space sim.  There's combat with the option, it seems, of simply making your way as the deep space equivalent of a deep space trucker, buying low in one system and selling high in another.  It was announced for the PS4 last fall, and now, @majornelson has tweeted that Rebel Galaxy is heading to the Xbox One.

Watch the accompanying trailer and dust off your spaceship driving gloves!