Xbox One Unity Bundle on store shelves November 2

by: Randy -
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On November 2, the Xbox One Unity Bundle hits store shelves, and it might be more Assassin's Creed than you bargained for. For the standard Kinect-less $399 price tag, this Xbox One hands you an Assassin's Creed Unity download token (which you can't quite use until November 11, when Unity launches), plus a download token for 2013's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (which you can use immediately).

In addition to Unity, Black Flag, and an Xbox One console, the bundle comes with a wireless controller, chat headset, HDMI cable, and power supply.

Unity (here's our hands-on preview) and Black Flag (GN score 8.8) don't share any storyline threads beyond the usual Assassins vs. Templars connection. But when you combine the maps from both—Unity's enormous French Revolution Paris plus Black Flag's enormous central Caribbean—you not only have more geography than the rest of the series put together, but you've got a ton of strictly urban landscaping in the "City of Love," and a ton of nautical mileage to sail across. Yarrr.

It sometimes feels like the Xbox One is playing second fiddle to PlayStation 4 this generation. But if that makes Xbox try harder, as it's certainly doing in this case by handing out $120 worth of product at full retail price, then I'm all for Xbox being the underdog for a little while.

Again, the Xbox One Unity Bundle hits November 2. Which is a Sunday. Which is kind of a weird day to stock shelves with this kind of thing.