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Are you one of DayZ's 800,000 brand new players coping with the zombie [strikethrough] human apocalypse? Are you one of the folks caught in the sensory overload of the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Viva Las Vegas? Or perhaps you're one of the reported 3 million folks that bought an Xbox One or 4.2 million that bought a PlayStation 4, salivating at the games that aren't out yet? We can't help you if you're any one of these people. But we thought we'd ask.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell ArcheyWith somehow getting two straight days off this weekend (not sure how, not rocking the boat), I'll be getting back into Klonoa on the Wii for my blind run over on YouTube. Now that the stress of the holidays are over I plan to work on getting that done while studying for some certifications to get me out of working retail. I'll also be playing some Final Fantasy VII to fulfill one of my New Year's resolutions: to actually finish a Final Fantasy game.

Sean Colleli
I picked up retro PC classic Another World during the Steam holiday sale so I'll be diving into that, and probably remembering just how hard games used to be. Another World inspired one of my favorite indie games of all time, Iji, so I'm eager to see how Eric Chahi's groundbreaking game design influenced Daniel Remar.

Jeremy Duff

The one game that is sucking up nearly all of my free time right now is Marvel Puzzle Quest. I started off playing on the PC over the holidays but needed to invest in a Nexus 7 in order to get my fix at whatever hour of the day that I feel the need. This is the first free-to-play game that I have actually invested money in. It has been pretty bad, but no, I won't reveal how much I have actually spent. Other than that I will be polishing off both Rainbow Moon and Bit.Trip Runner 2 on the Vita for review.

Travis Huinker

I'll be playing through Skyrim again, but this time around with an ever greater assortment of mods installed. If I'm feeling depressed enough, I'll venture online in the DayZ standalone and end up getting killed repeatedly by bandits. If time permits, I have a few games I purchased during the Steam Winter Sale to check out.

Randy Kalista

If you want to take down my Jackdaw in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, your lubber nation better send multiple pirate hunters sailing Man of Wars. That's the only way I'm meeting Davy Jones. Unless I gives ye the slip, ye sea dog. I'm also watching the BBC's Treasure Island and rereading Moby-Dick. I'm veritably drowning in piracy, whaling and treasure hunting. Between times, my three-year-old and I play hotseat Peggle. It's 50/50 on who beats the level and sings Ode to Joy at the top of their lungs.

Jeff Kintner

During the Steam sale I picked up Torchlight II at the behest of my friends. Even though I've only played a few hours, I can tell a lot of my free time is going to be spent there. I also picked up To the Moon, and I beat it in one swift, tear-filled playthrough. I haven't cried that hard since Toy Story 3.

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