Now Loading for the week of August 19, 2013: Blurred Lines Edition

by: Jeremy -
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I am confused. The kids are headed back to school this week, which means (albeit unofficially) that it is fall. However, I am still waiting for that summer drought of games to come! It surely isn’t happening this week so I am not sure just when the summer ended and the fall onslaught began. There are a ton of blockbusters hitting this week from Disney’s version of Skylanders, a new Saints Row adventure, and the long-awaiting new XCOM game. It’s hard to pick but there are two in particular for my household this week:
  • Disney Infinity: I am still amazed that it has taken someone this long to finally jump on the Skylanders-bandwagon. While I always thought that Nintendo would be the first to copy Activision’s franchise with something Pokemon related, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that Disney stepped to the plate with its endless list of characters. It is a perfect fit really and something that will undoubtedly result in a ton of sales for this new property. The amount of content that could potentially be brought to the game is endless; there are always new Disney movies coming out and quite the backlog of characters and IP’s that could be tapped into for afresh additions to the game. This is already on my daughter’s wishlist and I am going to have to fight over the controller with her in order to get the review done.
  • Saints Row IV: Sure, it has its problems, as I outlined in my review last week, but at the same time Saints Row IV is also an absolute ton of fun. Volition seems to have finally accepted the game’s role in this industry, not as a GTA-style game but an adventure that pokes fun at the rest of the industry. there are so many hilarious references at some of your favorite games that it is nearly impossible to keep count. Mass Effect, inFAMOUS, Gears of War, GTA, Call of Duty, you name it, they are fare game for the Saints to mock and ridicule. You can get lost in this world just playing around and not even pursuing the main story, which is exactly what will make it so popular. Grab a friend and don’t hesitate to venture back to Steelport!
This week’s lineup: