Bethesda is FUS-RO-DONE with Skyrim

by: Randy -
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And that's a wrap for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Aside from squashing minor bugs, the developers of 2011's game-of-the-everything are now fully committed to their next major (unannounced) project. Smart money is on Fallout 4 being that next game, though I'd be much more excited to see some new, virginal world come out of the house that Todd Howard built.

Skyrim had a good run. One that not only vaulted it to Metacritic's #2 RPG of all time (right behind Mass Effect 2), but one that spawned a dozen Internet memes. Remember "Then I took an arrow in the knee"? You hate how much you remember it. Remember "FUS-RO-DAH!!!" becoming the retconned soundtrack to countless videos of people bowled over by penguins, toddlers, and televangelists? FUS-RO-DAH!!! was pretty much 2011's Harlem Shake.

But even today, as far as people experiencing and sharing stories of the famously glitched land of the Nords, Skyrim still ranked #15 in last month's most-played games on Raptr. That actually beat how many people were playing Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2, and SimCity.

To clarify, Bethesda isn't shutting down, and Skyrim isn't the last Elder Scrolls game we'll see coming from the famed studio. It's simply Bethesda's way of putting a fork in it: it's done. We can all, of course, stay tuned for a Skyrim Game of the Year Edition that'll come bundled with all three existing pieces of downloadable content--Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. But going forward, Skyrim will only be built upon by the unfathomable number of nude mods coursing through the Internet.