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For those who have taken the plunge and have started up Tera, En Masse has released some info on the upcoming update known as Argon Queen.  Releasing on August 22nd free of charge to players, the update will include a new Battlegrounds mode, new character abilities, a new 20-person raid, new dungeons that culminate in a battle with the Argon Queen, and more.

En Masse has also released a video that showcases the new PVP Battlegrounds mode where players can wage battle against other players in 15-on-15 matches, even across different servers.  Not only that, but while players are battling each other, BAMs (Tera's Big-Ass Monsters) and other creatures will be present as well for players to take care of, forcing the player to make strategic decisions on the fly.

TERA Announces Release Date for Argon Queen Update, Releases All-New Video Featuring Action-Packed PvP Battlegrounds

All-New Content Including New Dungeons, Character Abilities, PvP Battlegrounds and More Coming August 22

En Masse Entertainment, the company behind the highly acclaimed action MMO TERA, is pleased to announce that TERA’s upcoming Argon Queen update, the biggest update the game has seen to date, will be released to players free of charge on August 22. A new video showcasing the game’s all-new PvP battlegrounds mode is now available for download.

TERA’s battlegrounds provide competitive players with an environment in which they can wage battle against one another in ferocious 15-on-15 matches—even across servers. TERA’s battlegrounds mode will pit two teams against each other in a battle for three bases to determine territorial dominance.

Players never know quite what they will face in battlegrounds, but the general rule is pretty simple: if it moves, kill it. While opposing players are clashing in real-time action combat, BAMs (TERA’s famed Big-Ass Monsters) and other in-game creatures will be present on the battlefield as well, forcing players to make on-the-fly strategic decisions while in conflict. Special in-game loot will be up for grabs, so players will want to be on top of their game to cash in. Weekly rankings will allow players to track their guild’s progress as well as those of their rivals.

TERA’s all-new Argon Queen update will be available as a free patch on August 22. In addition to the new Battlegrounds mode, the update will also feature new character abilities, an all-new 20-person raid experience, new dungeons culminating in a confrontation with the Argon Queen and more.

Lauded for its action-oriented, real-time combat and massive world, TERA continues to entertain masses of players looking for a new game experience. TERA is developed by Bluehole Studio™, co-produced and published by En Masse Entertainment in North America, and distributed at retail by Atari. For more information on TERA, please visit TERA-online.com.
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