Russell's Tera Journal Day 5: Time for a battle against..................................lag.

by: Russell -
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Aside from my first post early in the morning, I decided to hold off on posting this until after Memorial Day.  Anyway, as the title suggests, this session with Tera was pretty much about lag.  No matter what I did, lag and my FPS in general was pretty bad.  I cleared up the FPS issue by being smart and shutting down Steam (I completely forgot it was still open).  The lag issue, however, prevailed the entire time I played, which was a good two hours or so, and it wasn't just me.  A lot of the Area Chat was filled with people talking about the lag issues.  So how bad was it?

To be honest, it was pretty close to unplayable.  There were times I'd try to throw a magma bomb and follow up with an ice attack to slow the enemy down (which is my standard opening attack against enemies), then follow up with my basic fireball attack.  Half the time though, the fireball wouldn't come out when it should have.  Same with my flame pillar attack.  By the time it came out I already took damage and/or the enemy was behind me.  Sometimes I'd try to hit a flame pillar and use my backdash ability to get away to fire off more long-range attacks, but sometimes the flame pillar wouldn't come out at all.  This gets even worse when you're fighting small enemies and you try to hit them when they're right up on you (which is a pain to begin with), but your attack misses when it should have hit.

For the most part, I've been having fun with Tera, but the lag is starting to get a little unbearable.  Here's hoping it gets better within the next couple of weeks.
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